HI There! Here’s a little bit about what we have going on here at the Podcast Without Borders Network. We’re a band of people stretched across the country, but that doesn’t stop us from sharing our stories with each other and all our listeners. Springing from our OG podcast, Splainin’ Things, PWBN was a goal set by Daylen Turk to start a whole series of shows for people to listen to and enjoy, no matter where you go. And so here we are, with all our current shows and more to come in the future. Read below to read a little bit about each one of our shows!

Splainin Things

Where, oh where, did this all begin you ask? Let’s explain that a bit! One summer Connor Bryan and Daylen Turk were working as traveling sports photographers for a company called nMotion Productions. Traveling all over Montana and all the surrounding states for days at a time, lots of conversations were had and many a podcast were listened to. And so, one fateful day, Splainin’ Things was envisioned and on a drive to a softball tournament, phone recording on the dash, the first trial episode of Splainin’ Things was recorded. Being their first comedy podcast created together, there was an abundance of trial and erro until a format was found and an audience began to grow. A hiatus was taken for about 2 years after 2017, but in 2019, Splainin’ Things was back and better than ever.

Sports Without Borders

Sports Without Borders started as an idea, and lived that way for a long time. The show was first brought up while Daylen Turk was working for Cherry Creek Radio in Missoula, MT, where fellow co-host RJ Hentz also happened to be a Production Director. Both young and budding in the radio world, they hit it off immediately. The most common ground between the two you ask? Well, that would be sports, of course! Daylen was producing/co-hosting a local sports show called SportsTalk406, which had RJ on as a frequent guest. It was during this time that the idea of a sports podcast was born and in 2019, Sports Without Borders began.

900Things I hate

This show started out kind of as a joke until we decided it could be fun. You see, Shelby Turk, Neva Gregory, and Wyatt Gregory are all siblings, and one day, while Wyatt was visiting in Austin, Texas, he shared with the rest a wonderful list, of all the things he hates. At the time it was at 900 but adding to the list every time he things of something, he has now almost eclipsed 2,000 things (900 just rolls off the tongue better). So here we are! Sharing this list with you, the listener, in an attempt to find common ground in the menial and not so menial hatred of things as we gradually lose our sanity.

Point in Time

Audio dramas! They are coming back. Since the first installment of War of the Worlds was broadcast in 1938, audio dramas have consistently been one of the must underappreciated story telling formats while also one of the most compelling. In recent years, audio dramas/audio theater have made a huge comeback. Daylen Turk grew a huge passion for them when he discovered a show called “We’re Alive” several years ago. Daylen studied an immense amount of history while in college and grew passionate about telling historical stories, the only problem was that there are already so many narrative history podcasts. SO, the idea of a historical audio drama was born. Each episode takes a look at a different point of history and is completely backed up by peer-reviewed secondary sources and colleagues. Daylen’s goal is to provide an entertaining, captivating, enlightening, and educational show that gives people new excitement to learn about our world’s history.